New Faces to Appear in Season 2 of ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter

For months, Agent Carter fans have been wringing their hands wondering if the limited series would be returning, but they can rest easy now. Last week, ABC announced that Agent Carter will be returning for Season 2.

Earlier today, as part of ABC’s upfront decision-making, it was announced that Agent Carter will retain its status as a midseason show, taking Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s timeslot while that show goes on hiatus in January. ABC didn’t say how many episodes will be in the new season, but if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be gone for the same amount of time, it will probably be around 8 again.The network also released a description for what we can expect from Agent Carter Season 2.

What’s especially curious about this description is that Haley Attwell is the only actress listed. There’s no mention of whether any of the other major Season 1 characters will be appearing, like James D’Arcy’s Edwin Jarvis or Lyndsy Fonseca’s Angie Martinelli.  It could be that the main cast of Agent Carter Season 2 will consist of new people, but we may see guest appearances from several established characters, similar to how Howard Stark was used this past season.

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This mingling of heroes from other worlds helps distract from the story’s laughably generic premise of light versus dark. Even the two co-leaders are named Children of the Light. The story starts off on an uncommonly cheerful note, even by Dragon Quest standards, where humans and monsters are happily co-existing. Due to a spell by a dark wizard named Velasco, the monsters are suddenly reminded that they’re supposed to hate humans. The ensuing chaos and unrest gives the game’s heroes more than enough to deal with, let alone reason to investigate why their non-human friends suddenly turned on them. It’s a good thing the story has its share of twists and guest character interactions to compensate for this otherwise plain narrative.


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But the third Emir, now seeing himself all alone on the quarter-deck, seems to feel relieved from some curious restraint; for, tipping all sorts of knowing winks in all sorts of directions, and kicking off his shoes, he strikes into a sharp but noiseless squall of a hornpipe right over the Grand Turk’s head; and then, by a dexterous sleight, pitching his cap up into the mizentop for a shelf, he goes down rollicking so far at least as he remains visible from the deck, reversing all other processions, by bringing up the rear with music. But ere stepping into the cabin doorway below, he pauses, ships a new face altogether, and, then, independent, hilarious little Flask enters King Ahab’s presence, in the character of Abjectus, or the Slave.

It is not the least among the strange things bred by the intense artificialness of sea-usages, that while in the open air of the deck some officers will, upon provocation, bear themselves boldly and defyingly enough towards their commander; yet, ten to one, let those very officers the next moment go down to their customary dinner in that same commander’s cabin, and straightway their inoffensive, not to say deprecatory and humble air towards him, as he sits at the head of the table; this is marvellous, sometimes most comical. Wherefore this difference?